Love People

Be careful how you deal with people.

Do not say, “why should I care about them, it is their trouble”.

You see, God will judge us not by how many children or jobs or certificate we had on earth. He will judge us by how we treated people: our neighbor, our colleague, our children, our wives, our husbands, our children, our fathers, our enemies, our siblings.

Do not ignore that beggar who asks from you. God commanded, “Give to all who asks from you?”. A little financial help will put smiles on his face.

Do not ignore that neighbor who is in pain from an abusive relationship or other family challenges. Do not say, “Why should I care?”. A few words of comfort could release him/her from depression and a suicidal heart.

In every business deal, always remember the interests of the other party. “Business” or “making profits” should not be the primary aim when dealing with people. Sharing and mutual growth should our focus.

Employers should grow materially together with their employees. Avoid living large (big mansion, luxurious cars, jet, expensive clothing) at the expense of your employees. Pay their wages and salaries. God hears the cry of their hard-unpaid labor.

Love and respect your spouse. Do not take him/her for granted. Be sensitive to each other’s needs. Care for each other physically and emotionally. Husband should wash his wife’s feet and likewise the wife her husbands’. Avoid verbal abuse. Do not seek dominion over the other. Show her the affection she desires. Give him the respect and honor he expects.

Do not ignore that child. Do not pursue career and money at the expense of the children. Children enjoy play and the companionship of their parents. Make your children happy by spending time with them. Give no selfish excuse.

Lead no one into temptation. Do not follow the example of Eve who caused the falling of her husband. You lead men into temptation when you dress half covered. The eyes cause many to fall into sin but woe unto she who is the cause of the falling.

Help the elderly.

Lend to all who want to borrow from you.

Be kind to everyone. Be quick to make peace. Do not take pleasure at the pain and suffering of others. Reject jealousy and bitterness.

God commanded, love your neighbor as yourself. Do unto others what you want others to do to you.

If you love people, you are obeying God’s second most important commandment.

If you do this, you will win your life at His tribunal on the last day.

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