Simple Tips to Become an Escort’s Favourite Client?

Escorts are more than just a replacement for someone you like. They are professionals in the business of giving pleasure and guarantee a great time even in the saddest moments. You may hire an escort for different reasons like, for a party or to take care of your unsatisfied desires. But, you have to remember that just because an escort is a paid companion, you cannot treat her badly. After all, a sexual encounter can only be heightened when both parties are enjoying themselves.

So, even though you do not have to go out of your way to treat her special, you can keep in mind the following things to increase your chances of becoming her favourite client.

  1. Be Punctual

Whenever you are availing escort services, reach for your appointment on time. In case you are held up elsewhere, you should call and let her know the time it might take you to reach. If you need to prepone or postpone your appointment, inform her beforehand and reschedule. Also, coming late means wasting precious time that you could have otherwise spent with your chosen escort.

  1. Be a Gentleman

Escorts are classy and expect their clients to treat them the same way. Avoid discussing money when you meet her and never try to negotiate. You already know her hourly rate when you booked her. So, give her the money before the start of the session in the most discreet manner possible. Also, if you are planning to go to a party or event with her, do not make her feel uncomfortable with your sexual overtures. A little kissing here and there, and under-the-table activities are acceptable, but do not embarrass her in front of your friends or guests. Be the perfect gentleman and she will return your gesture in ways that you can only dream about at night.

  1. Do Not Force Her

Be respectful and treat her like a lady. Just because you are hiring an escort, it does not give you the right to force yourself on her. Usually, escorts make known their range of services. Whilst some enjoy BDSM, watersports and deep throat depilation, others might not. So, if you have chosen an escort who provides GFE, role-play, cross-dressing and lap dance, do not demand her to entertain your whims of watersports or BDSM. You need to ensure that you have booked the right escort as per your mood and preferences. Most escorts will not be thrilled about providing extra services and they may also refuse to see you ever again.

  1. Appreciate Her When You Can

Women love to be appreciated and you must already know that. The same rule applies when you are enjoying the company of an escort. Throw in a few compliments here and there to make her blush and she will be truly yours for the night.

  1. Remember to Stay Hygienic

Would you like to engage in fornication with a woman who has not bathed? Or is wearing lingerie that has holed? You will certainly not enjoy that experience. Well, it is the same with escorts. At the end of the day, escorts are women with exceptional taste in men as they serve the needs of discerning gentlemen. When you avail escort services, make sure to have a nice, long shower before meeting her. It will also fetch you brownie points to shave, trim your pubic hair and wear a fresh pair of underwear. First impressions go a long way in deciding if the escort will like to meet you again.

The above-mentioned are some small, but significant points for you to remember when you hire an escort in London. By following these tips, you can make sure that your chosen escort would be thrilled to meet you again. She might even be eagerly waiting for you and give you a little special something the next time so that you remember her.

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